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VISA Cards

Visa Credit Cards
Mountain Gem Credit Union offers VISA Platinum and Classic credit cards with a credit line up to $10,000.00. Our credit card allows you the convenience of a low interest rate and the worldwide acceptance of the VISA logo. In addition, there is no annual fee and no fee for cash advances. Unlike other credit card issuers, Mountain Gem Credit Union still offers a 10-day grace period before a late fee is assessed.

Visa Debit & ATM Cards
Our VISA debit card is designed to replace cash and checks at the point of sale-that means you can have the convenience of having a checking account and haveworldwide purchasing power and worldwide cash access without a checkbook. Your debit and ATM transactions using the VISA debit card are automatically deducted from your checking account-you’ll never have to write a check again!!

Pre-paid Visa Gift Cards
This convenient card is a functional and appreciated gift to give to anyone! Available in amounts up to $500 and can be used anywhere the VISA® logo is displayed. Card cannot be used for cash-back or PIN-based purchases. They can be purchased at any branch and funds are available for use within 24 hours, no pre-embossed names or order wait time!

This credit union is federally insured by the National Credit Union Administration.