Car Buying Service

Car & Truck Purchasing Made Easy & Trouble Free

  • VW Beetle

    Auto Direct is an auto brokering agent who locates and negotiates the purchase of a car or truck to a member’s specifications and price range. Auto Direct is made available to our members as an added member service by Mountain Gem Credit Union.

    Most importantly, Auto Direct works for the member in getting the lowest possible price on his/her next vehicle.

  • Mountain Gem Credit Union has had a business partnership with Gus Myers of Auto Direct for several years! Auto Direct has been contracted by Mountain Gem Credit Union to assist its members in purchasing vehicles, while saving our members both time and money. Gus brings almost 40 years of experience in the field of automotive sales in which Mountain Gem Credit Union’s members can utilize to make their car buying experience simple and easy. Gus’s honorable business ethics and personal character is a reflection of his passion to help people. He is an example of what a car buying experience should be.

    Gus’s other passions includes golfing, flying and spending time with his friends and family.

    Please feel free to contact Gus directly @ (208) 841-7207.