• Mountain Gem Credit Union boasts a truly great free checking account service. Other financial institutions make you pay to have a checking account with them, but Mountain Gem pays you dividends on your balance ( less than $1,000 average daily balance). It's time to check into a Mountain Gem checking account.

    Our VISA® Check Card gives you 24-hour access to your funds, whether you use it at a store like a credit card or take it to an ATM to withdraw cash.

    Overdraft Protection allows transfers from your savings or your pre-approved line of credit, OAC.

  • Similar in structure to our personal checking account, Mountain Gem is proud to offer a truly free business checking account. No analysis here-we offer unlimited check writing and unlimited deposits on our business account. This account type is designed to meet the needs of your small business, ranging from non-profit/organizations to Corporate and LLC businesses. We also offer business VISA® Debit Cards and online banking. For more information about eligibility and required documentation, please speak to a member service representative today.

  • eagle

    Gold Eagle Checking

    For our members 55 years old or better we offer this unique program. It is the same as our regular checking program but with added features and a wide variety of FREE services:

    • Gold Eagle Club Checks (one box free per year)
    • Money Orders
    • Cashiers Checks
    • Wiring of Funds (within the USA)
    • Photocopy’s of Paid Checks
    • Print-Out of Account Activity
    • Account Reconciliation/Research
    • Online Banking